Guided meditation through 9 dimensions

“With the support of breathwork, sonic resonance, and an aroma cockpit, Judith Sönnicken guides an inner journey for 7 participants through dimensions 1-9 (in chronological order). Each dimension holds a unique space-time template, frequency and molecular density. Upon return to third-dimensional linearity, participants get to materialize the vast imagery that unfolded during their journey.”

Photo credit: Jay Are, Mark Peter Wright, Judith Sönnicken
Drawings: Helena Hunter

Developed at Encounters DIY residency,  Arthouse Jersey UK


La Pouquelaye de Faldouet, Jersey
Neolithic (4000 - 3250BC)

Aligned with the solar equinox, excavated in 1839, 1868 and in 1910 by the Société Jersiaise. Human bones were found as well as plain bowls, a small ‘pigment cup’, two vase supports, flint tools, stone axes, rubbers, hammers, greenstone and dolerite pendants.

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